Our cacao producers

Our cacao comes from the state of Tabasco, Mexico. Since the Olmec and later Maya and Aztec inhabited this region of Mesoamerica, Tabasco has been the perfect location for the production of the sacred cacao bean.
Located along the Gulf of Mexico coast Tabasco has tropical humid climate which gives our cacao a special habitat. Cacao trees have developed unique flavors which gives them a special character.

Through their work our producers safeguard the natural landscapes of Tabasco. These rank among the highest in terms of biodiversity in Mexico. Our producers continue the ancestral tradition of harvesting cacao through artisan methods and agro-forestry approaches.

For our 2020 season we will work with 3 amazing cacao producers from Tabasco. They will provide us with excellent single-origin Trinitario beans:


1. Origin Santana – Don Gregorio:

Mr. Gregorio Rodríguez is a farmer with extensive experience in growing and tending to his cacao fields. He remembers as a kid following his grandfather and grandmother through the fields, learning and connecting with them. More than 4 generations tightly connected to the tradition of cacao production. Don Gregorio follows organic practices to maintain a healthy ecosphere for his precious cacao trees. 

“My advice for those interested in cacao would be to get organized. Know where the cacao is coming from. Know the biodiversity that these trees maintain. And get to know your producer. We can benefit by finding customers that really value our product. And customers can help to expand the presence of cacao in our culture” Don Gregorio.


2. Origin Miahuatlán/Cunduacán – Don Efrén:

Efrén Hernández continues the work of 5 generations in his cacao fields. The moon, rain and all other elements of nature balancing the creation of the treasured cacao beans. Mayan ancestry present in today´s cacao wisdom.

Don Efrén follows ancestral Mayan customs which follow the rhythms of nature He tends to a big variety off criollo, forastero and trinitario cacao trees in his cacaotal. Harvests and other activities are always accompanied by ceremonies to receive permission and to be granted forgiveness from mother earth.

“The Mayan tradition sees it as sacred food. A sacred tree sharing its yield to humanity. Cacao is life and culture for our civilization” Don Efrén.


3. Origin Cárdenas – Don Covo:

Maclovio and Néstor Olán. Father and son representing a unique family in the cacao world. Located in the middle of monoculture fields, they strive to restore the original ecosystem of Cárdenas, Tabasco, through agro-forestry. After more than 10 years implementing sustainable practices they have achieved exceptional results. Higher production yields and better ecosystem services compared to intensive-use monoculture cacao fields. Currently Don Maclovio helps other cacao producers to change their agricultural practices, often for free. He shares with them his knowledge about plant homeopathy, soil improvement and worm compost among other topics.