What is TEIKEI?

People joining forces to finance agriculture together.

For centuries people have been working according to principles of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or Teikei in Japanese [tεi’kεi:].

It is now, in times of industrialized agriculture when we can revive this old recipe for well-being and success!


One of TEIKEI´s central principles is restoration and maintenance of mindful relationships between man and nature. We bring responsible consumers and producers into a solidarity relationship at eye level.
TEIKEI creates cooperation based on solidarity and trust as the basis of all its actions. All processes and activities are open and accessible to our members.
TEIKEI strives for direct trade. The value chain is kept as short as possible.
TEIKEI calculates the right price for the product in order to meet the needs of all parties involved.
TEIKEI creates strong environmental awareness and uses clean and sustainable resources in the best possible way.
TEIKEI puts exceptional attention to the quality of our end products.

TEIKEI´s economic model

Consumer cooperatives are created to finance a farmer. Similar to “adopting” a share of their harvest. Consumer cooperatives pay a price that meets the needs of all actors in the value chain. All risks and benefits are shared among producers and all members of the consumer cooperative.

As a non-profit organization TEIKEI does not create profits. Earnings are reinvested into projects for the benefit of the producers.

All calculated costs are borne by the cooperative of consumers as a whole.

Expenses throughout the supply chain are decided openly and collectively by representatives of every link in TEIKEI´s supply chain. Pricing takes place in open discussions and round tables where participants meet at regular intervals to present their ideas. Producers and the consumer cooperative can also bring their suggestions and opinions at any time.